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Providing installation and maintenance of professional irrigation systems for both Residential and Commercial Properties.

Lawn sprinkler installation, Suffolk County, NY

Dun-Rite Lawn Sprinklers makes use of the Rainmaster Irrigation system for its installations.
Advantages of this particular system are that it is: expeditious, efficient and clean. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a highly reliable irrigation system which will keep your lawn looking its best.

In order to minimise any kind of lawn damage, we only use the most innovative machinery during the installation process. The sprinkler systems we design and install will be using just the right amount of water and only when required. They can conserve water and help maintain water wise habits which will benefit your lawn and the environment, but also keep your bills down.

The Installation Process works as follows:

  • A free estimation of your property is done
  • We will proceed with designing and placing the sprinkler heads to ensure adequate coverage
  • Sprinkler heads are placed in such as manner as to ensure that they are shielded from snow plows, foot traffic and lawnmowers

We also offer Netafim Drip Irrigation and repairs for your irrigation system.

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